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Dealing with Human Aggressive Dogs

These are my personal recommendations when dealing with human aggressive dogs. The opinions are based on my experience over the last 20 years.

The Importance of Being a Fair Leader

There's a popular misconception that creating structure and setting boundaries for our dogs is akin to punishment. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Put Time in the Saddle

Whatever the endeavor, we’ll get better if we do more of it. 

The Value of Liquid Collagen

I’m a total skeptic about products that boast of pain relief. I’d tried them all. But 6 weeks after faithfully using this collagen twice a day, I stopped taking ibuprofen. For good. 

Labelling Your Dog

Far too often, dog owners, including myself at one time, label their dogs as bad, bratty, incorrigible, or obnoxious. We can be so quick to apply these damning labels to our dogs, even if we agree that dogs are instinct driven.

Loving What Is

Just as you can train your muscles in the gym, you can train the way you process the thoughts in your head. 

Considerations when Dealing with Human Aggressive Dogs

Here's my strategy for dealing with human aggressive dogs

Using Spatial Pressure

I like to challenge my clients to experiment with training in a raw and primal manner.

Identifying and Healing Social Deficit in Dogs

The reality is that when a dog is not exposed to sights, sounds and surroundings at an early age, he will exhibit symptoms that mimic those of abuse. But in reality, the dog is suffering from a social deficit that will be very difficult to overcome. 

Aspire to be More

By becoming better versions of ourselves, we present our dogs with a truly balanced leader.

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